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FingerTech 1lb Beater Bar Assembly

FingerTech 1lb Beater Bar Assembly

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Destroy the competition with FingerTech's 1lb Beater Bar!  This design has been proven in the 3lb class, taking home trophies in events all over the world.  Now you can rule the Antweight class with this 1lb-scaled Beater Bar Assembly!

See our 1lb Beater Bar Electronics for a perfectly matched motor/ESC combo.

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  • Sized for the 1lb "Antweight" class.
  • Beater Length: 76.2mm (3in)
  • 26T pulley with Delrin flanges adds 9.4mm (0.37in) to length. Total length: 85.6mm (3.37in).
  • Beater Height: 38.1mm (1.5in)
  • Beater Thickness: 15.88mm (0.625in)
  • Beater Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Total assembly weight: 185grams (6.53oz) with all 8 teeth. 157grams (5.54oz) with just 4 teeth.

    The bar has 4 holes each side for 5/16-18 screw "teeth".
    Installed teeth add 12.7mm (0.5in) to height. Total height: 50.8mm (2.0in)
    Max outside frame width should be 105mm (4.15in) or less. Frame material thickness of 6.35mm (0.25in) works well.


  • 1 - 1lb Beater Bar
  • 1 - Custom 26T S3M pulley with two outer Delrin Flanges
  • 2 - Countersunk 6-32 x 0.625in screws
  • 8 - "Teeth" 5/16-18 x 0.75in countersunk black oxide screws plus lock washers (Thread-lock is recommended.)
  • 1 - 1/4-20 x 4.5in Gr8 Hex bolt and Nylock Nut "dead shaft"
  • 2 - SCE44 1/4in roller bearings
  • 1 - 5/64 hex wrench for installing pulley
  • 1 - 3/16 hex wrench for installing teeth


As with anything related to combat robots, it is potentially dangerous to add a spinning weapon to a robot. Never power up the robot outside of a safety enclosure. Always use a safety lock and follow proper activation procedure. 

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