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FingerTech S3M Timing Belt

FingerTech S3M Timing Belt

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Timing pulleys and belts are one of the best ways to transmit power from your motor to drive wheels or a spinning weapon.

Timing belts have teeth that ensure a positive lock to the pulleys.

Check out our Timing Pulleys, or you can use with a 3mm pitch pulley.
•S3M pitch (3mm high-torque)
•Width: 4mm
•Circumferences: 120mm (40T) - 1 80mm (60T).

Need help determining what belt size to use? Check out Fingertech's Pulley-Belt Distance Calculator!  

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Pitch (distance between tooth centers): 3mm
Width: 4mm
Material: Neoprene Rubber with Kevlar reinforcement
Tensile strength: 19-25MPa
Max load: 360 Newtons
Weight (smallest to largest): 1 - 4g (0.04 - 0.14oz)

Circumference, # of Teeth:
120mm, 40T129mm, 43T144mm, 48T150mm, 50T165mm, 55T171mm, 57T177mm, 59T180mm, 60T189mm, 63T192mm, 64T195mm, 65T201mm, 67T207mm, 69T210mm, 70T222mm, 74T231mm, 77T246mm, 82T255mm, 85T264mm, 88T276mm, 92T288mm, 96T300mm, 100T312mm, 104T321mm, 107T339mm, 113T375mm, 125T378mm, 126T384mm, 128T390mm, 130T396mm, 132T402mm, 134T408mm, 136T