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Repeat Robotics

Repeat Drive Brushed (1 pc)

Repeat Drive Brushed (1 pc)

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These upgraded gearboxes are coupled with a completely custom 030 sized brushed motor. Our motors can draw up to 2A at stall, and are seriously powerful for their size. This is almost a drop-in replacement for fingertech silver sparks, with comparable weight and size, but no gearbox stripping issues.



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  • Custom wound 030 brushed motor
  • 2s-4s rated voltage (Recommended for 3S usage)
  • 16mm, 22.6:1 all metal planetary gearbox
  • 3mm “D” extra long output shaft (we recommend cutting off any extra length)
  • 26g weight
  • 10.5mm M2 Face mount hole pattern
  • Comes ready for combat, just solder the motor leads to an esc and you’re on your way.


  • 12V input (3S)
    – 1220rpm free speed
    – 2A stall current
    – 544 stall torque
    – 1.7W maximum power output
  • 7.4V input (2S)
    – 752rpm
  • 14.8v input (4S)
    – 1504rpm




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