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Repeat Robotics

Repeat Drive Axle Mk2 (2pcs)

Repeat Drive Axle Mk2 (2pcs)

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Repeat Drive Axle is a 1/4″ flanged, 7075 aluminum standoff, designed to be used in Beetleweight drive applications.
An increasing amount of insect weight combat robots use plastic frame rails, these axles have a flanged section to keep them perpendicular to your frame and your drive running smooth.

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  • High strength 7075 Aluminum material
  • Slightly undersized 1/4 inch shaft to fit bushings and bearings
  • Undersized 17.8mm flange to fit into 18mm pockets for extra strength
  • Tapped for 6-32 screws
  • Generous chamfer at the base of the standoff increases strength
  • 7.5g for a set of 2 axles (~4 g each)


Includes two (2) custom machined aluminum axles



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