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Repeat Robotics

Repeat Drive Brushed Mk2 4mm shaft (1pc)

Repeat Drive Brushed Mk2 4mm shaft (1pc)

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The Repeat Drive Brushed Mk2 with a 4mm shaft is engineered for ant weight combat robotics, delivering a perfect blend of simplicity and robustness. This drive system features a custom-wound 030 brushed motor and an all-metal planetary gearbox designed to handle the rigorous demands of combat. The hardened steel 'D' shaft ensures durability and reliable performance across a range of conditions. Optimized for 3S usage but versatile enough to operate between 2S and 4S, it allows for strategic adjustments depending on combat scenarios. Easy installation with motor leads ready for soldering to an ESC, this drive system is battle-ready out of the box.

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  • Motor Type: Custom wound 030 brushed motor
  • Voltage Rating: 2S-4S (Recommended for 3S)
  • Gearbox: 22.6:1 all-metal planetary
  • Shaft: 4mm “D” extra-long output shaft (advisable to cut off extra length if necessary)
  • Weight: 27.5 g
  • Mounting: 10.5mm M2 face mount hole pattern
  • Operational Readiness: Comes ready for combat, requires soldering motor leads to an ESC
  • Performance at 7.4V (2S): 752 rpm
  • Performance at 12V (3S): 1220 rpm
  • Performance at 14.8V (4S): 1504 rpm