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FingerTech Lightweight Twist Hubs (pair)

FingerTech Lightweight Twist Hubs (pair)

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New Lightweight Twist Hubs are great for 150g fairyweight and 1lb antweight robots! Made from injection-molded blue glass-filled nylon for high strength and extremely low weight.

Twist Hubs easily and securely mount FingerTech Foam Wheels. Foam wheels are the preferred choice for combat robots because they absorb impacts and save your drive gearboxes from damaging strikes.

Lengthwise fins ensure the tire cannot spin on the hub even if the washer isn't installed.

3mm shaft bore fits the Repeat Drive Brushed, Silver Spark Gearmotors and most other 16 mm gearmotors.

Lightweight Twist Hubs currently available for in Wide thickness fitting 0.75in thick foam wheels. 

These are the hubs that come with the Viper Combat Robot Kit

Foam wheels and hub key are NOT included.

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- The hub is secured to the motor shaft by a large 8-32 setscrew. Keep in mind this is plastic (very strong, but still not as strong as aluminum)

- the setscrew does not need to be overtightened. "Firmly snug" is enough to hold the wheel tightly on the flat of a motor shaft.
- Weight: 3.5g each. (7grams per pair) Super lightweight! (Less than half the weight of the aluminum Twist Hubs)
- The foam tire is held tightly by a custom locking washer, which must be pressed in and turned 90 degrees to release.
- Four protruding fins will allow you to keep driving even if the locking washer is destroyed. No tire slippage!


2 Lightweight Twist Hubs