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Bristol Bot Builders

Bristol Bot Builders Antweight Dual ESC v3

Bristol Bot Builders Antweight Dual ESC v3

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BBB edition antweight dual brushed ESC – improving the driving experience and specs for ants! This version 3 is over 40% smaller and over a gram lighter (most of the weight is the wires still!) than v2, but with all the great specs! How to connect up & wire ESC below. Please read our Antweight Drive Kit Build Guide for step by step wiring guide.

  • Custom firmware with center braking for greatly improved driving experience
    • ESC actively brings motors to a stop when the sticks are centered for better control.
  • 2A per side (4A peak) – Ideal for two or four N10s or N20s.
  • 2-4S support input for higher voltage applications
  • Weighs only ~7g including all pre-soldered connectors with the motor wires cut to length
    • can save quite a lot of the weight by shortening wires, removing connectors & direct soldering to receiver
  • Built in 5V 1A BEC for receiver and servos!
  • Built in drive mixing, which can be disabled (see below)
  • the only soldering required is to the motor terminals, otherwise it’s plug and play! (see below)
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  • Size: 23x19x6mm
  • Weight: ~7g with motor wire cut to length. lighter if you shorten servo & battery wires
  • Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo recommended (6-16.8V)
    up to 6S (not recommended)
  • Motor Output: 2 channels of 2A continuous, 4A peak
  • Mixing: onboard signal mixing with solder joint to disable.
  • Center Braking: Built in center braking.
  • BEC: built in 5V 1A BEC (output through CH1 servo cable), for powering receiver and ant sized servos, don't use BEC above 4S